Top Five

Most Economical Work Surfaces

Top Five: Economical Surfaces


Here at Perfect Paper, we understand the importance of quality sketchbooks that won't break your bank account. This blog goes over the Top Five most economical work surfaces we have in stock. These products have been chosen for their value for money, the quality of their production and how varied the surface is. All collected here for you to enjoy.


Tervakoski Detail & Sketching Paper Roll 

Detail and Sketching paper is used primarily for fine detail draughting and sketching as the name implies. It is best used with technical pens and pencils and can be used with its smooth surface to achieve a potentially higher degree of detail than that of other work surfaces. It is so economical due to its light weight, coming in at only 35gsm, and its manner of packing. Essentially this just means that in the roll format in which it's provided you get a lot of paper for your money. The roll can last an extremely long time, especially if you are only working on a smaller scale. 


Tervakoski Paper RollTervakoski Detail Paper Roll


Royal Talens Art Creation Hardback Sketchbooks 

Whilst at first glance these may not seem all that economical they are actually one of the best value for money pads we stock. The cover is made from a durable faux leather material that is available in a wide range of colours, not only is the cover durable it is also stitched in with a ribbon tie for saving your page. As far as the paper inside is concerned, it is fantastic for use with most media as its smooth surface and decent weight mean it can take to a variety of techniques. The reason this pad is so economical is that you are getting a very high quality journal/pad/workbook that functions excellently and looks good whilst still being at an affordable price. 


Royal Talens Art Creations JournalRoyal Talens Art Creations Sketchbook


Clairefontaine Paint-On Pads (All Colours & Finishes) 

Quite literally one of the best all-rounder pads available. The Clairefontaine Paint-On pad excels with most media used on it. Designed to be a mixed media pad, these paint on pads come in a variety of colours, weights and specified uses. The reason it is such an economical pad is simply due to the fact that the pads can be used with a large variety of media. This means in one place you have a sketching pad, a pastel pad, a watercolour pad and so much more. Allowing the artist to buy one pad for everything, saving money and making life more convenient at the same time. Additionally the Paint On pads typically have a higher number of pages in them giving you even more bang for your buck. 


Clairefontaine Pait On Green Pad

Winsor & Newton Heavyweight Wire-O Sketchbook

In a similar vein to the Paint On pads the Winsor & Newton Heavyweight Wire-O Sketchbook is a great pad for use with lots of different mediums. Its paper is 170gsm and can be used with Inks, Sketching Materials, Watercolours, Light Acrylic to name a few. It is a sturdy pad with a reinforced hardcover and a spiral bind to allow the pad to expand whilst being filled. This pad is great value for money as you get a lot of sheets in one place, not to mention the fact that the paper is an extremely strong, acid-free and FSC approved mixed media paper. Making it more than just an average sketchbook. 

Winsor & Newton Wire-O Sketchbook

Winsor & Newton Wire-O Sketchbook


Daler Rowney Cartridge Pads (Smooth & Fine Grain) 

Daler Rowney are an industry name that has stood the test of time, they are well known for their quality products and exceptional values. Their extensive heritage has resulted in a lot of unique, superb art materials over the decades. These pads are no exception, they are designed to be used with a variety of media and are priced so that anyone can pick them up and have a go. The paper is 100% acid-free and pH Neutral which prevents yellowing over time and is available in either a smooth or fine-grain finish. They are economical as they are high quality, well manufactured and designed to be used with a range of media.

Daler Rowney Smooth Cartridge PadDaler Rowney Fine Grain Cartridge Pad
Daler Rowney Smooth and Fine Grain Cartridge Pads


Bonus - Seawhite Canvas Packs

As a bonus we wanted to mention another type of work surface which at first may not seem that economical. Whilst with sketchbooks you can get a lot of pages in one place meaning there is lots of room to work. With a canvas you only get one work surface for a set price, now initially this may seem counterintuitive to the idea of this blog, but. Canvases are unique in that after the paint is dry they can be completely painted over and you can start fresh. This means in theory, when you buy a canvas you have an unlimited work surface that can constantly be re-primed and re-used to your heart's content. This simple reason makes Canvases an extremely versatile and economical work surface.

Seawhite Canvas
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