About Us

The Perfect Paper Company saw a gap in the art supplies market. A gap that provides an extensive stock, combined with reliable information and detailed images. Making it feel like you are in a physical art shop within the comfort of your own home. With a website so detailed, even a beginner will expertly be able to purchase the most suitable product for their specific need. 
With over forty years in the business we have worked hard in sourcing the highest quality artist materials and with our understanding and expertise we wanted to create an online store that was trustworthy, knowledgeable and the only place you needed to go for paper, sketchbooks and pretty much anything you can use as a canvas. 
Our ethos is simple. We work closely with the manufacturers that are passionate about paper-making and everything that entails. Not only do we aim to stock artist essentials like sketching paper and pads but we also make it our mission to stock the paper that no-one else does, or paper that is simply just hard to come by. 
Whatever art you want to create, we make sure that we have the perfect paper for it that is of the highest of qualities.

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