Five Reasons

Why You Should Draw Daily

Five Reasons Why You Should Draw Daily


“Practice makes perfect” - We’ve all heard this saying before and if you do commit to doing something everyday, it will in turn help you get better. Here at Perfect Paper we think that mantra can be really beneficial when it comes to art, both physically and mentally. Here are Five Reasons Why You Should Draw Daily:


1. It can help with your mental health 

There are plenty of studies that show how creativity can affect your mental health in a really positive way. It relieves anxiety and helps you focus your mind on something that can be rewarding. Zendoodle is a really good technique for this and something that came about because of the mental health benefits you get from it, one of the best things about this type of art is you don’t necessarily need a sketchbook, all you need is a square tile that's about 3.5” which means single sheets like the Botanical Ultra Smooth Watercolour Paper work perfectly.


2. You will get better at drawing

When you repeat something frequently you work on something called “motor learning”. You tackle a new skill by doing it over and over again until it’s fluid. A good example of this would be when you first started to write or when you first drove a car. It was difficult at first, but the more you do that skill, the better and more skillful you will become. Same goes for drawing, doing a little doodle each day will help you progress. Getting a long lasting sketchbook that won’t fall apart would be beneficial if you plan on drawing daily - Bockingford and Saunders both have Fat Pads that could be a great addition if you want to do this.


Bockingford Fat Pads

Bockingford Fat Pads


3. It pushes yourself to experiment

Using the same medium day in - day out can become tedious and boring. Drawing with black ink can be fine, but you might eventually want to add a splash of colour. Because you are drawing daily and practicing, they don’t have to be masterpieces. You might feel you have more freedom to play with other materials and work with something you have always wanted to use. Using something like the Clairefontaine Paint On Mixed Media or Multi-Technique Sketchbooks would work really well if you wanted to use different mediums.


4. You will learn what you like to do

You might be new to art and doing a drawing every day might be a great way to find out what type of art you like and what type of art you like to create. Is it big landscapes, little doodles, pen or paint? Drawing daily will give you the potential to really understand what you want from this hobby. The Pink Pig Ameile Sketchbook is a great book for this, it’s lightweight, robust and has plenty of thick paper so you can learn what you like.


Pink Pig Ameile Sketchbook


5. You can be more observant and can see the world differently

If you are drawing daily you will begin to pick up on the smaller details, you will see different and interesting angles to work from. You will begin to appreciate the little moments of daily life you never really noticed before. Urban sketching and bullet journaling can be a fun way to do this. Our Seawhite range has some high quality travel journals to do this in, like the Bullet/Dotted Journal and the Watercolour Travel Journal.

Doing a drawing a day can be relaxing as well as beneficial to your growing skill, the best thing is, it doesn’t have to be time consuming - 5 or 10 minutes is all you really need. Do it on the bus, on your break or whilst you’re waiting for your dinner to cook!

We would love to see what art work you make, especially when it comes to using paper or pads you get from us, why not tag us on Instagram or Facebook.


Image Credit;

Sandra Manchester