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Top Five: Watercolour Blocks


This informative blog looks at the variety of watercolour pads available on our website, showcasing our Top Five Best Watercolour Pads that we consider the very best for price, quality and performance.


The Langton Watercolour Paper is a high-quality and economical watercolour paper. Produced by Daler Rowney who are renowned in creating high-quality artists materials. This paper is available in Pads, Blocks and on Boards in three distinct textures. Hot press (smooth), Rough (heavily textured) and Not (a middle ground with slight texture). The paper has been designed to allow for beautifully rendered Watercolour washes that retain an even distribution across the surface. The Langton Watercolour Products are for the general consumer with enough high quality materials to allow even professional artists to use it. A favoured paper for its fine quality and economical pricing.


Langton Watercolour Pads



Bockingford Watercolour Paper is traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine in the U.K. at St Cuthberts Mill. Created using natural woolen felts, giving its surface a distinctive random texture. The undulation of the surface varies between specified textures, however each sheet will have its own unique feel and finish. The acid-free & archival composition of the paper means it is suitable for multimedia techniques, even dry mediums. As the paper has a textured surface it works very well with Pastels (Hard, Soft and Oil), Pencils, Pens and Charcoal as well as other wet media such as gouache and acrylic paints. This extremely forgiving watercolour paper is valued by professionals and amateurs alike. Quality paper at an affordable price, compared to many other artists' watercolour papers.


Bockingford Watercolour Pads

Bockingford Watercolour Pads


Arches Watercolour Paper

Primarily known for their watercolour paper, Arches has a long history and timeline of paper manufacturing, having been in operation since the 1400’s. Available in Rough, Not and Hot press, paper fibres are 100% long cotton, which gives the finished paper its beauty, natural finish and strength. The paper has been sized “to the core”, this essentially means the paper is far more resistant to damage during the painting process than other watercolour papers. Arches paper is on the higher end of the price spectrum but this is offset by its superb quality. A fantastic artist grade watercolour paper and one we highly recommend.


Arches Watercolour Pads

Arches Watercolour Pads


Saunders Waterford

Made in the same mill as Bockingford, Saunders Waterford is St Cuthberts flagship product, their best and most revered watercolour paper. Their papers are all traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine, resulting in exquisite, superior quality papers that come with the Royal Watercolour Societies endorsement. Made using 100% cotton fibres to achieve the highest quality archival standards. Each sheet has been buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect and defend finished pieces of work from discolouration overtime. One additional up-side to Saunders paper is that they have a unique High-White paper that is the whitest archival watercolour paper available. An artist grade watercolour paper that is available in a variety of formats.


Saunders Watercolour Pads

Saunders Waterford Watercolour Blocks



Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper is traditionally mould-made & produced with 100% cotton short grain fibres. In keeping with the heritage before it, the paper is chlorine and acid free, the lack of acid guarantees its longevity over time. Unlike other brands, Fabriano double size their paper, applying both a surface and an internal size, this provides the ideal level of absorption and resistance to scratching. The paper is available in three surface textures, Hot (smooth), Not (semi-texture) and Rough (heavily textured) and is also offered in two colour variants - Traditional White and Extra White. The fine artist quality paper is expertly suited for the requirements of professional artists and the most demanding amateurs.


Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Pads

Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Block


No only are these products in pads and blocks, but we also sell them in single sheets as well. Visit our Watercolour Collection to view our entire range of Watercolour products.




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