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Top Five

Christmas Wrapping Papers

Top Five: Wrapping Paper


Christmas time is upon us, that means it's time to get wrapping! We have compiled a list of the best wrapping papers we stock. Ranked for their value for money, appearance and functionality, here are our Top Five Christmas Wrapping Papers.


1. Kraft Paper Roll 

Old faithful, this is the best all round wrapping paper. You get a lot of paper for your money and the rolled format means more paper can be stored in one place. Kraft paper is designed for this purpose and as such is acid-free and strong. The paper used in these rolls is also 100% recycled and 100% recyclable when done with making it an extremely sustainable option that is good for your wallet and the planet. 


Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft Paper Roll

2. Banana Tissue

If you are after a paper that has a rustic feel with a lot of natural beauty this would be the one for you. Banana tissue paper is strong despite its light weight of 30gsm, this light weight allows for it to be folded and molded around parcels easier. Banana tissue is also made sustainably and is acid-free with a slight amount of texture on one side. 


Banana Tissue Paper

Banana Tissue Paper

3. Thai Mulberry Paper

Thai Mulberry paper is a lightweight, strong and durable paper, handmade in Thailand. The paper is available in a wide range of colours meaning you have lots of choice when using this paper. As well as a large choice of colours, thai mulberry paper comes in two distinct finishes, silk which is more muted and banana which has flecks of material in its surface and is slightly more textured. An excellent paper for wrapping as its bright colours and ease of use are sure to please. 


Thai Mulberry Paper

Thai Mulberry Paper

4. Bhonswaa Flower Paper 

Most likely the nicest looking paper on this list, Bhonswaa flower paper has real petals of flowers embedded into its surface. The overall surface is slightly textured and looks fantastic when used on specific gifts, however the petals may fall off if handled too aggressively. The paper is also notably strong and durable, but sadly is somewhat of a niche product for wrapping as its main draw is also a detractor. 


Bhonswaa Flower Paper

Bhonswaa Flower Paper

5. Acid-Free Tissue Paper 

As much as this isn't a wrapping paper per se, it is very useful in the gift wrapping process. Because it is acid-free it means it won't damage anything it is packed with and thus can be reused year after year as a suitable packing material. Excellent for use as an all round packing material for bigger packages or gift bags.


Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid Free Tissue Paper


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Sandra Manchester