Basic Breakdown

Deckle Edge

Basic Breakdown: Deckle Edge


You may have heard of the term ‘deckle edge’ but not really understood what this meant. Depending on what you want, having this kind of sheet might help or hinder the final look of the piece. Here is a quick basic breakdown explaining everything you need to know about a deckle edge.


What is a Deckle Edge?

It is an uneven, ragged and feathery edge to a paper.

Deckle Edge Paper has an uneven edge

 Deckle-Edge on Handmade Paper

How do you get it?

Originally it was a byproduct of producing handmade paper. The process includes the paper pulp mixture being poured into a wooden or bamboo mould (also called a deckle). Once in the mould and shaped, it is then hung to dry. From this process excess mixture can seep out and once that dries it leaves the uneven edge.

What is its history?

It is a natural artifact that has been around as long as the creation of paper (25-220 AD). In the 1800s the invention of the first paper machine emerged (the Foundrier Machine), this machine produced long rolls of sheets, all symmetrical with a straight ‘cut edge’. This did make deckle edge paper obsolete at the time and was only really seen as a status symbol.


Making Handmade Paper

 Khadi Papers Papermaking Process

What about now?

Handmade paper along with its deckle edge is now very popular, especially with artists and printmakers. Because of this popularity there has been a rise in artificial deckle edges made by machines. However it is still a hallmark for traditional handmade paper.

What can it be used for?

You can use any art technique on deckle edge paper, it just depends on what you want your artwork to be on. Some of it’s most popular uses are things like wedding invitations, greeting cards and craft projects especially because of the unique look it has. As we mentioned before, printmakers are also very fond of this styled edge.


Deckle Edge Paper can be used for arts and crafts projectsDeckle Edge paper can be used for wedding invitations

 Handmade Paper used for Various Craft Projects

Who makes this paper?

Many companies make handmade paper and machine made paper that can replicate this finish. We would suggest looking at Khadi Papers as they produce traditional handmade Indian papers, their products are professional, high-quality and unique. Other brands like Saunders Waterford make one-off products like the Watercolour Fat Pad, compared to Khadi this paper is made using a machine, however, the quality and finish makes it feel handmade.

How would I frame the paper?

Handmade paper is a very nice quality paper that would look great in a frame. Simply mounting it on coloured card would complement it really well.


A deckle edge can be a controversial topic, especially when it comes to machines making it, however, here at Perfect Paper we love this style of finish. It adds something a bit different and can really make your artwork stand out.


Deckle Edge PaperDeckle Edge PaperDeckle Edge Paper

 Khadi Paper Deckle-Edged Products

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