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Hahnemuhle Blog Series: Additional Info


Part Four - Additional Information

This series has explored Hahnemühle, Part One looked at how the company started, it’s history and how environmentally friendly the company is. Part Two focused on the paper making process by looking at the machines they use and highlighting the high quality materials that go into these products. Part Three established some of the most popular products and techniques to use on their paper and Part Four will look further at the products themselves focusing on the smaller details we seem to not pay attention to much. As we have explored the paper and it’s uses we feel that its also important to look at the other details on their sketchbooks and pads.


Other factors should also be taken into consideration when choosing the right product for what you want. Things such as the type of bind and cover are as just as important when choosing the correct sketchbook which is why we wanted to highlight some of these within their own blog.


To begin with, we will first look at the binds Hahnemühle use on there sketchbooks and pads. One of their most popular binds to use is the stitch-bind. Using this style of bind provides a nice quality and look whilst also making the book very secure; using a stitch bind is one of the higher quality binds. The Nostalgie Sketchbooks, The Cappuccino Sketchbook and The Grey Book all use a section-stitch bind. This bind is one of the most secure binds that can be used. To add to this the hardback cover is also glued in, making the pads even more secure. This also means the pads can open-flat very easily and can be drawn across the bind.


Hahnemuhle Collection

Hahnemuhle Collection


Some of the smaller pads like Sketch and Note Books use a single stitch bind, this works similar to a staple bind with a single thread stitched across the middle of the pad. Although more secure than a staple, it doesn’t make them as secure as a section-stitch. Using this type of stitch for more of a notebook than a sketchbook like they have done with this pad would be more for the economical side during production. For more information about binds and what they mean, we would suggest taking a look at our Basic Breakdown Blog.


For the more professional books such as The Grey and Cappuccino Sketchbooks, a hardback cover is used. These covers feature a light grain that resembles wood adding a unique quality to these sketchbooks. Additionally the Nostalgie Sketchbooks also use a hardback cover, however, it is finished with a linen surface which results in a really nice finish. The more economical books such as the Sketch and Note use a paperback cover, this again will be to keep the costs down. Additionally, on the more professional books a ribbon bookmark has been added, providing an extra quality too these books.


Every part of a Hahnemühle sketchbook is thought out, whether that be for their professional to economical pads. They have thought about the bind, cover and all the extras an artist would need to make a product you would want.


Overall, Hahnemühle is a brand that creates high-end, artist paper and is one of the few brands out there that is vegan friendly. If you are looking for a product that is excellent in quality with a traditional feel, Hahnemühle is the one to go with. Coming in various weights, sizes and binds means there is a lot of options to choose from depending on the art technique, however, we would recommend it working best with inks, pens, pencils and any dry medium. We offer a great and affordable range of Hahnemühle products, click here to see more.