Five Reasons

Why You Should Use Kraft Paper

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Kraft Paper


Kraft Paper is a diverse and durable paper that is available in roll format. As we have mentioned previously, paper comes in all shapes and styles and a paper roll can be much more of an economical purchase than just getting a sketchbook. Although there are many excellent reasons for getting a paper roll, needing this format for gift wrapping would be high up on that list. Here are Five Reasons Why You Should Use Kraft Paper this Christmas.

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

One of the main reasons to use Kraft Paper is because it's 100% recyclable. Most wrapping paper can be dyed, laminated or contain things like plastic which cannot be recycled. This means it is extremely wasteful, especially when you consider the amount of materials and resources used to create this paper which then can’t be repurposed after its initial use. Because Kraft Paper is 100% recyclable it means not a single scrap will be wasted after the Christmas period has finished.

2. It’s Durable

If you are too rough when wrapping, the paper can easily be ripped. This can be a very frustrating process when you have a mountain of presents to wrap. Kraft paper is strong, flexible and durable. It is 90gsm which is thin for a paper, but it feels a lot thicker from the materials it's made from - making it easier to fold and less likely to tear.

Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft Paper Roll


3. It’s Economical

We understand the importance of a high quality product that is low in price, Christmas can be an expensive time of year for some. For the amount of paper you get in these rolls it can work out a lot cheaper in the long run. 

4. It’s Pretty

You can decorate it any way you’d like. Add ribbons, strings, tags, tape and even your own doodles. There is a lot more creativity allowed because it is a blank canvas with no pre-made designs. As well as this you can also use the excess paper in craft projects such as paper cutting, scrapbooking and kids craft projects which makes it a very diverse paper to have, especially around the Christmas holidays.

Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft Paper Roll


5. It’s Not Only For Christmas

Unlike Christmas wrapping paper, it can be used at any time of the year and can be decorated accordingly to any occasion a gift is needed - birthdays, weddings, christenings, etc. can all use Kraft Paper which shows it’s great versatility and something very handy to have throughout the year.

An environmentally friendly, durable and diverse paper is something that can be hard to find, especially when it comes to something like wrapping paper and paper rolls. Kraft Paper is something we highly recommend if you are looking for that type of paper, click here to view the product in more detail.

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